Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Anjali - Sisters

Anjali, a bright student, belonged to a family of doctors. She grew up knowing that she would also study medicine and get married and be a housewife as her other cousins did. But when in her teens she met Vijay. He sid why midicine when you are keen on engineering just for family's name sake. She convinced her father and joined engineering. Vijay and Anjali's love blossomed. But since he was still a BE student and would take time to settle, her parents disagreed to their match. Anjali and VIjay wanted to meet for the last time before they part. Vijay's bike rode through the highway, Anjali sitting at his back seat. His bike smashed against a car throwing away Anjali. Vijay lost consiuosness. Anjali though consious was lying on the roadside experiencing severe pain in her left leg. Vijay got some bruises on his arm but doctor's said Anjali's left leg was bone was broken to pieces and she might never be able to walk without clutch. Her parents were devastated. Who would marry their limped daughter, what will be her future. Vijay silently was by her side all through giving her hope. She remained bed ridden for more than a year and then she decided gradually she cannot be the object of pity of people for the rest of her life. She started to attend MBA classes while on wheelchair. By the time she completed her MBA she was on clutch. She managed to get job. Trvelled on clutch and proved to be the best performer. She got oppurtunity to travel abroad on assignment while still walking with artificial rod inserted in her leg that caused pain everytime she walked. She went abroad did well. Her detractors wowed at her achievement. All through Vijay's love gave her confidence and parents encouraged to go get her dreams. after years when VIjay got settled in his career, he proposed marraige, this time her parents couldn't say no...