Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sisters - Shefali

Meet Shefali, co-passenger in my office bus. Shefali met her future husband at her workplace. Telegu girl married to a Bengali guy. Fled from house. Fought with parents to get married at Registrar office. Initially she tried to convince them but when they tried to forcefully hitch her to a same community groom, she fled. They accepted. They had a social marriage later. Mother-in-law though not happy accepted. Shefali donned the red and white bangles at her husband's request. She had frequent fights with mother-in-law over food, cooking, language, dressing and everything under the roof. She threw open the red and white bangles. Stopped learning her husband's mother tongue. The story continues...

Friday, June 24, 2011

Cabbage Curry

put tomato+garlic+green chilli and zeera in mixie;
put oil in kadai;
put the mixied paste;
put salt+turmeric and water;
stir for sometime;
put the chopped cabbage;
mix all and finally put water and let ot get cooked;
put garam masala powder before 5 mins of closing the gas.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dhobi Ghat - review

Watched the movie 'Dhobi Ghat'. It is like a warm afternoon siesta - not much tension not much action just a calm flow of events. The characters are well chosen. Most of them are new but are very apt to the roles they play in the movie. Monica Dogra is the highlight of movie. If not a star child she might be lost into oblivion but she offers lot of promise. Prateik has a dazzling presence on the screen but it seems he needs to brush up his acting skills further to become a seasoned actor. He can do 'Jane bhi do yaro' kind of comedy films very well. He will be good in farcical comedies. Aamir is almost non existent in the movie even when he is on the screen, the audience attention will move to anything and anyone but him. It seems he has not put any serious effort to portray this character as he does for his other films. He is just there. In fact he looks a little conscious and nervous in front of Monica who is absolutely confident though being a stark new comer and even a veteran like Aamir khan is fading out in her dazzling presence. A few more movies from the director will prove if she is as talented as the hype is.